Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hector – “The most honorable”

Hector was the son of the king of Troy, Priam. He was the greatest warrior of the Trojans during the Trojan War. Homer’s Iliad says that there was no one other than Hector who could face the Greeks led by Agamemnon. Hector was not only a very courageous fighter but was also generous and noble hearted. He tried different ways to stop the war between his men (Trojans), and the Greeks. He did not want Trojans and Greeks to die because of a personal feud between his brother Paris and the King of Sparta Menelaus. Paris had abducted Menelaus’ wife Helen and had brought her along to Troy. Hector knew that Agamemnon, the Greek king was backing Menelaus with the objective to win over Troy. Hector convinced Agamemnon and Menelaus that a duel between Paris and Menelaus could save a war. Menelaus agrees and defeats Paris who runs away from the duel. The war carries on. Hector did not withdraw himself from the war because he then thought of protecting Troy. He did not let his brother Paris to go to the battle field but himself fought bravely for the Trojans so much so that he was able to push the Greeks back to their ships. He killed many a heroes of the Greeks and almost achieved victory.

Hector killed Patrocolus thinking that it was Achilles because Patrocolus was wearing Achilles armor and was fighting with the same valor against the Trojans. After getting to know that he killed Patrocolus and not Achilles, Hector showed complete respect to the body of Patrocolus and gave it away to the Greeks.

Agamemnon then approached Achilles to fight for the Greeks. Achilles had withdrawn from the war because of his insult by Agamemnon. Agamemnon apologized to Achilles who then got convinced but only after hearing about his close friend Patrocolus’s murder by Hector. Enraged, Achilles challenged Hector to a duel. Hector knew that Achilles was the greatest warrior in the world and that he was a half God. Hector was brave and he stood by the oath to protect his land Troy. Hector faced Achilles on the battle ground and fought like a valiant soldier till he was killed by Achilles. Hector’s bravery was such that he was backed by Zeus, the king of Gods throughout the Trojan War. Hector knew that he was doomed at the hands of Achilles but he still faced him with bravery.

The character of Hector sets an example for all of us. One should be committed to protect their motherland. Once should stand for their own honor. Protecting your own siblings should be your first priority at difficult times. One should be just and fair to all. One should be impartial while delivering justice whether one party is their family.

The character of Hector is one of the most honorable in the Greco-Roman mythology. Homer in his Iliad has given a very high stature and respect to Hector. In fact the Iliad ends right after the death of Hector and the carrying away of his body by his father Priam from Achilles.

Linus Orakles

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